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Thread: Stream-side photos of your catch - camera suggestions?

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    beautiful photos and fish
    wow I'm so impressed with many of these shots.

    I feel for you lbrain having recently misplaced my camera I thought it was gone
    and I was kicking myself for not making copies. As much as I like this
    lumix Tz1 it was the photos on it I needed most.
    lucky for me it resurfaced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbrain View Post
    I just noticed this thread... I have the floating strap that came with the new TG camera I got for my wife last year, it took great underwater photos as was illustrated in earlier post. Too bad she left it behind when she took a trip a few months ago. But the strap is still nice. And, unfortunately, all of my fishing photos from last year were still on the card inside it...
    Does that strap work pretty well? I just threaded the strap of my camera through a piece of pool noodle; it works, but is kind of cumbersome (and not particularly elegant). Maybe I will get one of those straps. The other thing I thought about is just a tether to my pfd.

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