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    Was playing around with the vise this afternoon and came up with these! Sorry I couldn't take a closer pic, but I did put them next to a dime. They're tied on a Tiemco TMC100 size 28 with black synthetic dubbing, 2 microfibets as a tail (about 3/4 hook length), teeny tiny grizzly hackle and white antron for a post. I thought it was insane to try these, but now I'm rearin' to try some 30s and 32s

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    Nice, but why so big LOL

    Size 32's

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    Show offs!

    Now lets see ya tie 'em on in under a minute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
    Show offs!

    Now lets see ya tie 'em on in under a minute!
    Aw C'Mon Cliff!

    Give these 50 year OLD eyes a break! I've done about a dozen this evening with tan and light olive butts and it's taking a little less than 5 minutes each, but I'm being kinda anal since they're not for me. We're going to the San Juan this weekend and I'm giving these, along with a few dozen Para Adams and BWOs, to our guide as part of our tip. Flows are gonna stay down to about 2200, temps low 30s at night and about 70 during the day, New Mexico sunny, of course. Half day float/half day wade with Jude on Saturday, and roll our own on Sunday. Everyone's saying the fish have gotten a good rest from the fishing pressure because of the high flows and are strong as hell now. We might even hit the Chaco Canyon ruins on the way back to Albuquerque. As Ron White would say "it's gonna be a good weekend, Tater". I'll be sure to post a report when we get back!

    Joni - those are some good lookin bugs! I've only been tying about a year and am still getting over my fear of small flies. What kind of thread do you use? I just picked up some UTC 70 and like the way it really flattens out.


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    That is the thread of choice here. Strong as heck!

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    I'm not even going to try something that big. What you use them for, mighty minnows? If you get a fish on them, what do you use a harpoon to land them? Get the net, no the snair, no the gaff, no the harpoon, ya the harpoon. With all kidding aside, I will say good job since size 8 is the smallest I have tryed to tie and lost several moments of my life I will never get back. Since trout are something that are hard to find up here, I tie mostly for perch, gills, crappie, and eyes (when I tie small that is). Most of my fly tieing is on a 1/0 or bigger hook. I find that the larger hook is easier to tie on and that even a size 6 hook can be trouble. A steady hand and the right sized thread makes all the differance. Good job. Thats something I would have a hard time doing if able at all.
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    Size 28 royal coachman...
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    Show off! See if I give you any more tying lessons. LOL

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    Man I could tie that on the tippet much less tye the fly that small

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