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Thread: Watch your step

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    Quote Originally Posted by del gue View Post
    Ummm...brown water snakes don't have rattles? Maybe that would diffentiate it?
    I'll bare that in mind when I hand it to my kid if it doesn't make a sound in the crib

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    Or....kill'em all, let God sort'em out. Or not. J/k lol

    Or just hand him/her any ol' snake. Your young'un prolly has rattles of their own they can brandish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by del gue View Post
    Don't get too amped up, al a. I've had extremely few encounters with poisonous snakes that did not end badly for the snake. The non-poisonous ones tend to fare better if encountered.

    This one I encountered back in March. I certainly had the means to kill him, but I let him slide, as I usually do non-poisonous ones. I still don't like them, but they generally get a pass. Poisonous ones virtually never do. And the laws where I live don't impede their termination. I don't believe I'd choose to live in a locale that protected poisonous snakes, but hey, that's just me, and my choice.
    Well, I gotta admit I killed one a couple days ago, and it wasn't even venomous...

    I was floating a stream in Arkansas, using casting tackle and casting a topwater lure along a water willow weed bed, trying to land the lure within inches of the weeds. One cast was a bit too far and landed about six inches into the weeds, and right on a water snake that I didn't know was there until it started thrashing, with the lure stuck in its body about a foot from its head, and also tangled in the tough weeds. What are the odds of that happening? So I paddle over to free the lure, check out the snake and confirm it's not a venomous variety, and reach down to untangle things. The understandably annoyed snake instantly bites my arm. Water snakes have a lot of tiny but very sharp teeth, and when I jerked my arm away, a few drops of blood immediately appeared and it hurt. So I reassess the situation, and decide to whack the snake with the paddle blade, hoping to stun it enough to free the lure. But with a foot of water beneath it, the snake just dodged my paddle by ducking. Finally I thought I had it stunned, and again reached down. It came to life and got me on the index finger. More blood. Now I was angry enough to try to chop down with the paddle and really pound that snake's head. I thought this time I had it completely stunned at least, so reached down with my knife to cut the hooks from its body. Which is when it latched onto my little finger and refused to let go, chewing viciously. My little finger started bleeding profusely. And that's when I really pounded that snake, and cut it in half so I could get my lure out of the downstream end!

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    I expect that getting bit 3 times constitutes due cause, esp if the sucker wouldn't let go. I've always heard that water snakes can be aggressive, although truth be told, having a commensurate sized hook impaling me might make me a tad aggressive, too.

    You were more tolerant than I, by far. I'm not keen on getting bit by much of anything, but esp snakes. Back when I used to go bass fishing with my brother in his boat, I always used to stick a Smith & Wesson Model 66 2 3/4" stainless .357 in my tackle box, in case a big green lizard or a snake decided to try to eat me. I never had to employ it, but I never went fishing without it, either.

    It seems to me it was just that snake's day to die, one way or another. You were merely the tool provided to accomplish it. I think I woulda prolly just let that snake have that particular lure and gone and bought me another one.

    Keep an eye on that lure. It may turn out to be an unlucky one.

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