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Thread: Shakespeare Wonderod -- Please Help Identify

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    Hello. The details of this rod are smudged out. It is about 6 ft. 6 in. Pardon my ignorance, but can folks tell me if this rod even a fly rod? I don't know much about old rods but I assumed this was a fly rod because it doesn't look like a spin fishing rod to me.

    If it is a fly rod, can anyone offer advice on what reel to buy for it (maybe a small Pflueger medalist? which model?) and what fly line size and type to use?

    Thanks very much from a passionate but as yet uneducated fisherman.

  2. Default Photo of Wonderod (for Identification)

    Photo of rod attached.
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    Hi lureofthereel,

    It would be better to have seen the first guide on the rod but the guide in the picture is the type used on a spinning rod. From the way the grips are dirty it looks like it was used double handed. When you measured it did you measure from butt to tip?


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    Shakespeare Wonderod is a spinn rod. The rod is made inn Stavanger in Norway
    about 1960. Its made by Brødrene Tjøstheim.

    From Torbjørn

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