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    Black bugger for me. On that one fly i have caught gills, largemouth, smallmouth, bows, browns, brookies, have seen carp, and heard that steelys love em. Strip em fast, dead drift them, what ever!
    The best laid plans of mice and men...

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    What Frank said is true about water specific flies. we can sometimes get loyal on our favorite waters that we know so well.
    The true test is traveling. When I asked A. Burk, he told me about his tying 40 second pheasant tails for the one fly contest. (You have one hour to tie all the flies your team will use that day. Do the math.) Easy,fast,effective.
    Personally, (hence the nickname) I tye sz 2+ BUGGERS! (sz 6 for steelies). I like natural movement so I tye Rainey foam cores with Lrg Tri-loble yarn wrap to cover. Gives me three dimensional movement instead of the weighted and more two D. presentation (up/down).
    Black/green/brown/blue/white and more (got to keep some secrets).
    Little to no flash, a bushy tail, and sometimes souped up with a strip of wabbit too. Part bugger, part zonker = Bonker
    In my experience, Walter wants a MEAL! Drop a him a PT off behind for desert. "Eeevil"!
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    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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