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Thread: Cabelas LST Rods- good deal?

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    This is one of those late questions. I just got a 4-pc 5 wt LST at cost. It seems pretty nice, but I noticed that some people had tips break on them. Reviews seemed like 1/4 people thought they were junk, 3/4 thought they were an amazing value. I used to have a Cabelas Stowaway that had the tip break, but at the price I found this deal hard to pass up. What do you think? Will this thing break on me? I know the warranty will cover me, but I don't know that I want something that has a high chance of breaking. I bushwack into mountain streams and small lakes for 95 percent of my fishing. This rod will either be a pack rod for my wife who fishes occasionally, or my primary pack rod and she will use my Redington.

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    I don't see why the tip should be more prone to breaking than other tips.

    (My friend broke the tip of his Loomis GLX Crosscurrent.)

    I have many Cabela's rods and I think they're a great value.

    I fished an LST Spey rod and really liked it.

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    I broke two rods last year, one was a cabela and one was another brand, both had warrenties, and both were replaced. I think you should always carry a backup rod, especially if you are going to be some distance from camp, house, etc. I will tell you, both rods were fast action rods, so, you know it may have been my lack of experience with these rods that was part of the problem. When I broke the cabelas rod, I drove to cabelas, and was back on the water with a new rod in hand within an hour. They honor thier warrenty, at least my local store does.


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    A weighted fly can break any rod tip. To fish below the surface I try to use sinking lines instead of weighted flies.


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    I have to ask this,

    In these reviews did anyone offer a back story on how did the tips break? If you are transporting a rod out of the tube or jam it into the ground while walking, or step on it, etc etc, this has very little to do with quality issues.

    I only ever had one tip go bad that I could not explain, in 1996 while fishing my favorite branch of a PA run the tip of my 6'6" flea became splintered. I contacted Orvis that day and sent the rod back at the end of the season. (had a second tip) The builder never determined what caused the tip to splinter and the company replaced the broken tip. They also made me a third tip for 100 dollars and now I fish with the knowledge that I have two extra tips. And I never put a rod in the truck without it being in the tube, never lay a rod on the ground and pay attention to the tip while bush whacking along a creek.

    So how did the tips break?

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    Wink Re: Cabelas LST Rods- good deal?

    From what I've read on 'other Fora' (Sorry Ard .. I do peek and post elsewhere) but several posts suggest this is a very good 'bit 'o kit' given the $$ involved.

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    Both of my rods tips broke while slinging heavily weighted wooly buggers, one was my fault, caught a tree behind and as I came forward, snap, the other, I probably dinged the tip with the fly at some point, when I flipped it forward, it snapped as the fly landed on the water. I too carry my rods in cases, so no issue there, I would also like to point out that both of the rods I broke tips on were 4 piece fast action rods, I have a half dozen or so 2 piece rods and have never broken one (knock on wood).


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    I purchased the9' 7wt a few months back for throwing meat and I love it. Very light in the hand and super smooth casting. Has enough power to throw big streamers far and good for shorts casts too. I love it.

    I threw my neighbors 5wt LST at the park before getting the 7wt. I was iffy about Cabela's rods for some reason but the LST converted me. I was looking for a streamer rod and warm water rod so that is what lead me to the 7 wt.

    For the price you wont find a better rod. Get it before they're gone.

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