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    Does anyone know of any real good mysis shrimp patterns. For those of you not familiar, its a very small freshwater shrimp found in lakes in CO that allow for trout in tailwaters to become massive. The pattern I am looking for would be more clear and less white. Apparently the live shrimp are lucid/clear and turn white when they die.

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    This is a good article, with a pattern:

    Targeting mysis fed trout, by Dan Wright

    The pattern is a little fussy for my taste, but I don't get out to CO to fish them often and don't tie them a lot, but do tie other shrimp type stuff for SW.

    I just use white thread, white antron for the tail, white ostrich herl for the thorax, and a pull over of white antron for the "shellback" and front legs, with/or without two longer strands of white bucktail for antennae, and burnt mono eyes blackened with a sharpie. You could use the hooks mentioned or a 2-3xl nymph hook 16-20.

    There are other patterns out there for the GL, but they're typically much larger, size 6 etc.

    Hope this helps.


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