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    Hi all,
    I live in Saint Louis, Missouri and would like to make a trip to Ohio this winter to fish for steelhead, but I have no clue to when to make the trip. I was thinking maybe November, or December. Could you guys that live in that area fill me in on some of the secret infomation so I can hook up with one of those monsters...

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    check out Ashtabula, Ohio...there is the Ashtabula river, and Conneaut creek, both great places for Steelhead

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    Steelhead run up all the rivers (creeks and even the drainage ditches if they have enough water for them to swim up) starting with the Vermillion River then going east, the Rocky River in Cleveland, then the Chagrin River, the Grand River, then as mentioned the Astabula and the Conneaut. Then in Pa, there are a few that enter lake Erie in the stretch before Niagara---the Elk Creek getting the biggest play.

    The biggest problem for you will be predicting the flow and water conditions for the time period that you come. The best fishermen know the flow rates of each river for good fishing conditions. The flow rates are published online. If the flows are up in Ohio they have a tendency to drop slower than the streams closer to Pa. If the water is unfishable in Ohio---keep heading east to the Conneaut , the Astabula or the Elk in Pa.

    I think if you watched some of the steelhead forums and ohio fishing forums and coordinate the steelhead posts with the success that the guys are having with the flows of those rivers, you can predict some of the conditions yourself.

    If you want to short circuit all the work, you can hire a guide and he will put you on fish in any but the worst conditions.
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    I would have to say the eastern rivers get more steelies than the vermilion does. which is where I fish. they get there runs 1st cause the waters a lil colder. I have been to the vermilion and the steel were only at the mouth of the river but on the rocky and others out east they are already full of steel with people catching at least 10 or more in a day! seems all the guys on the other forums have very good luck out by ashtabula and the rocky river out that way. like these guys said, ya just got to pay attention to river flow and the weather and what they are biting on.. heres a link to the water flows. just click the stream. USGS Real-Time Water Data for Ohio there are some reports out east of people actually already catching some steel in the rivers but I was at the vermilion tho yesterday and didn't see anything there yet..
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    thanks for the information. I guess I will start planning a trip now.

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    my fav time is spring but fall and winter are decent on the vermilion. the thing I hate the most is winter tho when the rod guides ice up every cast and your yarn sucker spawn turns into a yarn popscicle and all that. big ice chunks knock your glo bug of flow and they try to sweep you off your feet. then your neoprene waders freeze up to your knees and you can't bend um. what a rush!
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