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Thanks Kelly, it was great fun. We used a lot of flies from small BWO emergers to big streamers and everything in between. Used full sink lines on the streamer dredging the bottom. All the stuff we threw produced good fish but the major factor was getting the flies on the bottom of the river. Long leaders(13-15') while nymphing was key. Took me a few hours to figure that I needed to lengthen my leader a few feet.

I may be up your way again next weekend, I'll let you know. Maybe we can get out together.

Thanks for the info. This time of year its critical to get your offering down where the bigguns are hanging out. Glad you guys had such a great trip. This is my favorite time of year for all of my local waters and the Fork is no exception, especially on the lower river. Would love to fish with you, anytime, anyplace.

Larry: that's what I get for turning my back for just a second...