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Thread: Value priced waders and boots?

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    Default Value priced waders and boots?

    I have finally realized that in order to have a better opportunity of catching fish, I need to wade into the water.

    So, what do you guys recommend? Take note, I am a poor college student!

    Anyone have any expereince with these?

    Cabela's: Cabela's 900-Denier Lug Sole Wading Boots

    Cabela's: Cabela's 5mm Stockingfoot Waders - Regular
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  2. Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Cool another broke college student fly fisherman! I had waders like that because I had no money but I got really annoyed by the neopreme, I was ALWAYS super hot even when it was raining/snowing/windy. So I decided to dish out the extra 40 bucks or so for some breathable ones.

  3. Default Discounted Dental Work

    Many of us have been where you are...and the best question I could ask you is would you take shortcuts when it comes to your own personal dentistry?
    There really is not another area of general fly fishing equipment where you truly "get what you pay for" (with the possible exception of rain jackets) than waders and wading boots.

    First NOT get bootfoot waders if you value comfort and want to be mobile...they are great for stationary duck hunting...not so much for trout or other cold-water fishing....with the possible exception of some super-rugged environments like AK or Kamchatka...
    Which brings up a few questions...
    What part of the Country do you most of fish?
    What are you targeting?

    I would recommend utilizing the "Search" feature on this Board and seeing what you can discover.
    Also, breathable waders are really the only way to go...for a plethora of reasons.
    I fish throughout the winters here in the Southeast & have been warm and dry on many days when my guides (on my rod) were icing is all about adequately layering under your waders.
    Also...try checking out the Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide podcasts...a treasure trove of intel to be gleaned from Herr Rosenbauer on that series.

    All the best

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Thanks for the tips, I guess I need to do some more research and save up my pennies. Just checked out, sure do have a lot of resources, going to have to print a couple of those articles!
    I live in California's central coast. My fishing consist of small to medium sized rivers for trout, sunfish, etc. I am still trying to land my first fish on a fly!

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Talk to a guide at a shop they might sell you a set. Alot of guides I know get a new pair every year.
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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    My first set of waders were neoprene red head from bass pro. A little more money then those cabelas but they have held up. I only wear them when it gets colder so I haven't used them much other than the beginning of the year in the winter and early spring. I also have a $100 set of waders I wear in the warmer months and they leaked within one season. I aquasealed all the seams inside and no leaks now but you get what you pay for. I'll be purchasing a better quality wader in the future but what I got now will work till then. I did go the distance on boots though and purchased some simms boots. Those things are heavy duty, G2 OR G4, can't remember which. My first pair of cheap boots started coming apart and needed to be reglued. I will say they were felt with studs and have better traction than my simms vibram with studs. Sometimes you have to buy what you can afford then upgrade later. Get in the water is the goal here.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Do yourself a favor,,stay away from boot footed waders. As mentioned above to you, there is little comfort wearing them. I bought a set of breathable chest waders from cabela's BARGAIN CAVE earlier this year. $57.00...and stay clear of neoprene's. They are way too hot and heavy.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    You have really got some good advice. Stick with stockingfoot and breathable waders. I would add checking out ebay. Especially over the winter. Oftentimes you can find last years models for half-price or close to it. Thats what I did.

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    Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    I have a pair of those 5mm waders. They have plenty of patches but they're close to 20 years old if that tells you anything.
    I've also owned a pair of the Cabela's canvas boots, though they were the ones with the felt soles and velcro straps. The velcro straps sucked but otherwise the canvas boots were fine.

    Over the years most of my waders and boots have come from Cabelas. 6 pairs at least. They were all worth having and except for an early design of the 3 Forks rubberized, I never had a problem with any of them
    And that includes the bootfoots
    I currently have a 4 year old pair of the Dry-Plus bootfoots that I use for fishing in the surf. My only complaint with them is that the sole could be more sturdy. They're like walking in slippers. The so-called lack of ankle support has never been an issue.

    I have a number of wader options and the bootfoots would not be my first choice for rocky terrain. But I wouldn't go as far as to say that they're a bad choice either. Contrary to what one poster says above, they're perfect for cold water fishing as the extra wiggle room in the toe box can make all the difference in staying warm.
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  10. Default Re: Value priced waders and boots?

    Keep an eye out on the Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas websites for the next 4 months. Last year about this time they had some Simms waders on sale (normally $200 were going for $75).

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