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Thread: How many flies?

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    I am in the process of restocking the fly box and was wondering how many of each pattern I should carry. I figured on 3 to 5. How many of each do you carry?

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    I have 12 patterns for each type of fishing, i.e. lake, river and sea trout (steel head equivalent) and have 6 flies for each category.
    So get tying!

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    I fish mostly saltwater and rarely lose any flies but they do get beat up after a few fish. I do most of my tying in the dead of the winter and i tie as many as possible, It is nice to go home and restock the boxes without having to tie for 3 hours especially when the fishing is hot. I tie every night i can in Dec, Jan, Feb, and sometimes into march depending on the weather and the return of the fish, then it's another 9 months of fishing. You can never have to many flies but, if you do end up with to many you can auction them of for a charity(casting for recover).
    Happy Tying

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    The same here I tie every chance I get but my season is a little shorter as some of the best fly fishing here is in the winter unless its just to damn cold lol. I try to tie at leats three to five dozen of the flies I us alot and then play with new patterns. I tie for bass, gill's,hybrid striper and trout mainly. As for restocking my boxes at least 6 of the ones I us alot and 3 or 4 others I want to try or may use once in awhile.

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    I normally fish in the land of picky trout. I usually have 3 flies of each hook size and 3-5+ hook sizes per fly. I usually have all or close to all color variations of each fly (i.e. male & female body tricos). It gets to be a bit much, but when the trout want a size 30 male trico if you pitch a size 24 the fish will sniff once if you are lucky, refuse, and then never come back again; same happens if you pitch a size 30 female trico. Fish around here have been caught once a day or once every other day. These trout can critque your fly tying skills from 50 feet--"Hey, dude, put 5 wraps around that abdomen."

    On the other hand, when I fish northern Idaho in July the trout are much more willing so I usually carry only two different flies, one size each, about 10-12 of each type for a week's fishing with the wife & children & nephews & nieces.

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    I change the flies in my box according to the time of the year. I'll carry 3 flies of each hook size in some flies, and the more popular flies i'll carry 6 ea.

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    Really depends. I carry many variations of the same fly. For example, I fish a lot with simi-seal leeches and carry numerous colors, sizes, beadhead, non-beadhead, weighted, non-weighted, etc. I have a large box that probably holds upwards of 150 flies and every one of them is a variation of the simi-seal leech. Just differnt colors, sizes, etc.

    I have full boxes dedicated to leeches, buggers, streamers, hoppers, nymphs, chironomids, etc.

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    3 minimum of any one pattern. The one time you carry less than 3 will be the one time fish key in on your one and only fly, and the next cast you'll loose it. It's happened to me . Up to six each for "tried and true", known fish producers.

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    i have two patterns.

    adams and parachute adams. i have about 3 of each size from 10-20. if i cant catch fish with them i move to my other four boxes.

    i carry about 50 other kind of drys, nymphs and about one of each type ranging between 10-18 or whatever i feel like tying at the time. My streamers and terestrial usually range from size 8-10 and i have about three types of grasshoppers and two types of streamers

    "I have a river runs through it on blue ray, so yeah, I guess you could say I know a thing or two about fly fishing."

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    I have a 10 day trip coming up in Feb. and I have over 225 flies in three 10"x14" boxes at this moment. I took a break from tying to show one to my son and jabber for a bit in here. This trip is chasing Peacocks, that's the reason for the big boxes. I have a 1/2 dozen to a dozen varied pattens tied with different materials and colors ranging from 6" to 12" for the streamers and 5" to 8" on the top water stuff.
    One of the reasons I tie so many is my no good rat bandit fishing buddies are constantly raiding my box, of course they have to cover my booze bill at the end of the trip for this "service"

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