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Thread: Grrrrr!!!

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    Well, winter hit with a vengeance last night. Was sitting at my friends house playing some poker when he looked out the windown and said HOLY S#IT!!! I looked out to see about five inches of snow on the ground. I hate this time of year. I hate ice in my line guides. I hate five pounds of wet snow sticking to the felt on my boots. I hate freezing solid before making it to the car after going down in the river. I hate not being able to feel my fingers and having to still tye on a size 28 midge. I hate that my line is like a slinky in this weather. I hate that I have to wear fourty seven layers of clothing and I am still cold. I hate that every breath I take fogs my glasses. I hate that a fish rarely rised in the winter and then when a hatch does happen it is over before I can change flies. I HATE THE SNOW.

    But, I love what it does to my rivers in the spring and the fishing it assures me every year.

    All Means All

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    Guess I need to take you snowmobiling. Nothing like the smell of two-stroke early in the morning.

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    i second the motion on hating winter. was planning on going out fishing today. no snow just rain and the ever dreadful wind that we've been getting.(30 mph gust +) where i'm at there isn't to much fishing once the lakes freeze up.(don't ice fish at all) the rivers around me pretty much dry up this time of the year and if they don't there so full of snags that it isn't funny. the creeks are all blocked off by the farmers to allow there fields to flood out for the duck hunters. just love this time of year myself. as far as the snowmobiling sounds great just need a sled.(and snow)

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    Well y'all could just move to the south where this is about the only time of year a body of water stays cold enough for trout to survive.

    Curtis, check out They do polarized goggles that are ventilated really well that might help your fogging problem. Would keep half of your face warmer too. They're based in Moab and are great folks.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    what and give up all this lovely weather.(lol) you're nuts. here in northern in. right now nasty rain and windy again.

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    I too had the fogging glasses trouble while hunting & fishing. Try getting some contacts, they work great for me. Just pop them in, grab the sunglasses & your off. I live in Michigan & I can related when it comes to snow, but I love the stuff. We had 6-8 inches for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to get out this weekend for a steelhead hunt in one of my favorite rivers.

    Tie One On

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    I also hate the winter.. It is freezing here.. Brrrrr..

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    This link is to a live webcam located just outside the Box Canyon on the Henry's Fork. I was supposed to leave today for Island Park but very heavy snow has grounded me. Thats some cold fishing right now. Just thought you southerners would enjoy.
    I agree with Curtis today, GRRRRRR!

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    Move to Florida! Live on a lake and fish 365 days /yr. I do, but am retired. I moved here 20+ yr ago and never regreted it.

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    Nah. Like trout too much. Don't have a desire to fish the warm waters really.
    All Means All

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