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Thread: Eggs

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    looks good to me! give um a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeMcFly View Post
    thanks ever make glo eggs? they work too.

    Help me with the glo eggs? I'm not sure I have seen them. Got a pic?
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    Has anybody ever used these? 2 bucks for 80 assorted from craft/dollar store.
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    Hi peregrines,

    I have seen those and thought about using them for eggs. I decided against them due to size and color. I guess you could trim them down a bit with scissors but may be hard to get them round. I like Glo yarn as it comes in colors that match real eggs.


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    I wouldn't use either glues. Egg Style flies are tied adhesive free. Glo bugs. The right thread and a good whip finish will do the trick just fine. I got a good many stocked up in pink, white, and chartreuse with red dots on them. I tied them all myself and would love to get some to you if your interested. I'm sure I can beat Cabela's for price as well. ha, well let me know at

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    If you enjoy fishing eggs, you can create some interesting variations using hot glue. You can make the entire egg/cluster using colored hot glue, or you can attach a plastic bead to the top of the shank and apply the hot glue over it.

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