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Thread: Scentific Anglers Ultra 4?

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    I am wondering about my new line. When I purchased my new St. Croix, I picked up a new reel and line too. makes sense right? LOL Well I was going to pick up what I've usually have used, a double taper line. And although I know better than this, I went with what the salesman was pushing and now I'm wondering if I went the correct way. Being a novice and not really casting far (Although I can put it out there a ways!) because I fish small streams and ponds, I bought the Scientific Anglers Ultra 4. MY specific line is a WF-4-F. I told him that I like the idea of turning the line around when the one end begins to get worn. He was saying that I'll really dig on the way the line "Jumps" off my rod and that once I get used to it that I'd never go any other way. What do you all think? And have any of you used the "Ultra 4" before? Usually I do my studying before I buy and don't waver to pressure. Although I got a REAL good deal on the line, if it's a Turd who cares how much you save!

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    I like WF line, but have never used the ultra 4. Take care of it and it should last a long time.

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    Ultra 4 is a great line...

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