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    Rhythm#0 is for 1wt to 3wt while the #1 is for 2wt to 4wt. If you are getting a reel for a 2 weight rod, besides the 0.2oz heavier #1 and some more room for backing, what helps you decide which one to go with. Only thing that I can think of is because I have a 4wt then possibly go with the #1 so you will have a back up reel for that rod. On the other hand it will be for a 6'6" rod for small creeks (brook trout fishing), with such a smaller rod will that 0.2oz lighter balance better or really not make a difference. Any thoughts would be great.

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    Hi Pavel,
    I just went through the same issue with a Ross Evolution: the size that was
    half price was only .2oz heavier than the size that would "match" the rod.
    I found that the reel was still too light, and the larger size would come in
    handy for other rods.

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    I bought a 6'6" 3 wt rod and ended up with a J Austin Forbes to get a light enough reel to balance it as I wanted. I tried my Rhythm #1 and it was too heavy. I suspect a #0 would be as well but, I was ready to buy one until I found the Forbes. The #1 works fine on my son's 8' 4 wt. It would also be fine a longer 4 wt rod, though I put a #1.5 on my 9' 4 wt.

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    I have the ross 0 weight rythm on a scott F 3 weight, and i dont think it is to heavy at all....they really balance nicely for native trout in small streams.

    FrankB2 has stated a few times that a Ross evolution is currently on sale for 150 at ll bean stores, if you could pick one of those up that wuld be awesome

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