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Thread: machined fly reel opinion

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    i have rods and reels made for me, they are called custombuilt i am looking for feed back on the reels as to what they should sell for and what range are they in the reel wars. i have had people say 199.00?? any help from the experts on this site would be great. i also have some rods in the classified i would like a rating on. thanks all

    The reel is Custom built 5-6 wt fully machined Aluminum. Features a solid spool and frame with advanced multi disk stainless steel drag system. Fully machined aluminum by Custombuilt.

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    Hi afishtailtackle,

    No way to give price with out at least seeing some pictures.

    Here is what I think would be a good approach for a hobby business.

    1. Determine Your cost. This would include any cost for manufacturing, advertising and shipping to get the product to you or other vendors.

    2. Determine the amount of profit you need to make selling them worth while to you.

    3. Add the total cost with your profit and you should have your low dollar cost to sell.

    4. If your price is lower than similar reels in the market place you can add more profit. Use this profit markup to discount the reels or offer free shipping to a buyer.

    This is a pretty basic approach just for you to consider. It sounds like this is a hobby business and should be OK in this type of business.


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    Frank has given you good advice.

    Given that you would be a new entrant to the industry, I would do one of two things to get your product moving: Make the design unique and distinctive, or get a known expert to endorse them.

    There are so many reels on the market right now its silly, and you have to do something to set yours apart, from a product development standpoint. I think there are basically three ways to do that: make it the best thing available at a Mercedes (not Maybach) price, make it aesthetically or functionally unique, or make it an outstanding value. Since you're trying to break into an established market, I think uniqueness will be your key.

    Here's an example, though from an established mfg-

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    There's a lot of competition out there, and you don't really give much in the way of specs. It may be just me, but I've never heard of a "steel drag".

    You might want to take a look at the competition, and the features of other reels on the market to see how yours might compare in terms of components, drag design, type of anodizing, etc, and also where it is made- US or overseas. There have been many Chinese knockoffs of popular reels that have a superficial surface resemblance (in the look of the design) to the real thing but that's as far as it goes (quality of components, down to the screws used, stink).

    Specs for many reels are available on line. Some that I'd look at would be Orvis Barstock, Teton and Teton Tioga etc. It's a very tough business environment and Teton, a maker of very fine moderately priced reels made in the USA, with an excellent reputaion and well established brand and presence in shops nationwide, has suspended operations and is in search of a new buyer. Their Tioga line retailed for under 150, and was/is an excellent reel, the Battenkill Barstock, made in China sells at retail for less.

    Also realize that the retail cost might reflect a 40% mark up over the wholesale cost. If you're selling direct, on the surface that might mean more potential profit for you but... how would you get the word out? and how do you overcome the resistance of people that might be hesitant to buy sight unseen?

    Not trying to discourage you, but there are many qualities that go into a good reel beyond a "steel drag" (?) and machined aluminum.

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    hi all thanks for the input. the reels and rods are made here in the usa. i will get some more specs and pics to post.

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    hi all. i want to post some pics in this tread but can,t seem to get it to work???? i can,t find the url??? any help i thank you. skip

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    Send me a reel, I will test it out, let you know how much I feel as it could be sold for.

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    Here is a link to a FAQ on how to post a picture. It may help you out.

    Where do you have the pictures you want to post, on your computer or on a WEB site? Where the pictures are located will determine the best way to post them. Look over the link and if you still need help let me know.


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    thanks frank.

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    Some more pics and The drag is carbon fiber with multiple pin, spring loaded stainless steel discs. the reel is
    fully machined aluminum. we have reb rod make our rods. they also make our bait cast and spinning 1 pc rods. i use them and love them compared to all the other name brand rods i have. my fav is my 7.6 ft ,i have a penn captiva live liner mounted on it , 15lb test i fish halibut with it and then change the spool to suffix braided 15lb thickness but 65 lb test, i fish shallow water rock fish and the kelp with it.

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