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    I'm not trying to exclude anyone on this Forum, but this question is primarily directed to those with a drift boat, or something similiar.
    This is an anchoring question with four parts :

    1. Do you have both front & rear anchors on your boat ?
    2. Both of the top two drift boat manufacturers (Hyde & Clackacraft) have an optional "less work" pulley system for their anchors. Do any of you have this particular setup & does it truly reduce the retrieval effort by the 50% they both claim ? Did you buy their product, or design your own ?
    3. When you drop your anchor do you let it drop freely, or do you hold onto the rope as you let it down ? (If you drop it suddenly doesn't it make eccessive noise when entering the water ?)
    4. Which anchor release is better/easier, the foot release, or side release ?

    I have a Hyde LHA Signature with both front & rear anchors. I always set the rear one first, but I hold lightly onto the rope as I release the rope from the side anchoring harness that is right at the rowers seat on the right hand side. Is that wrong ? I have had times where the boat will continue to move even though the anchor is down. (I can hear it "clinking" on the gravel river bottom. Some times the current does not appear to be that swift that it should move the boat. ) Once the rear one holds I will most times release the front to keep the boat straight with the current. If anyone has extra advice on anchoring I hope you will share your knowledge.

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    Tie One On:

    I have a 1990 Lavro with the side anchor pulley system and wish I had a floor system. I've used them on both Hydes and Clack's, they definately reduce the effort of retrieving the anchor greatly.

    Whether or not to hold on to the rope and let the anchor out easy depends on the water I'm fishing. Small slow water begs for stealth at times. As for the boat contueing to move and drag the anchor. The holding power of the anchor is dependent on the length of the line out. If your dragging just let some more line out till you hold. Just keep in mind that some water is fast enough that nothing short of a car will hold you in place.
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    I have a Hyde Aluminum big boy boat and I only have a rear anchor on it. I also use a side anchor system because I prefer it, not that it's better but I don't like the floor anchor system for two reasons. I have seen to many guys trying to get their channel thawed out in cold weather so that the anchor will drop, never seen it on the water but if you let water stay in the boat it can freeze the rope inside the pvc pipe the rope runs through. I also don't like having the release right where my feet are at. When I am in my buddies boats who have the floor anchor I always seam to step on it at an inopportune moment and release the anchor. I do like the way the floor anchor pull up but I still personally prefer the side anchor.
    I originally had the easy pull anchor system on the boat but I took it off after a month or using it. It does pull the anchor up a bit easier but you also have twice the amount of rope to pull up so you are actually using more effort. The anchor also tends to spin while you pull it up and sometimes I would have to wait for the anchor to unspin so I could pull the rest of the rope up. I have gone back to the standard system.
    I usually drop the anchor fast unless I am trying to put the sneak on some rising fish. One thing that you should keep in mind with letting your anchor down while holding onto the rope is to check your rope and make sure no loose flies have found the rope. I have dropped the anchor many times and had a fly run into my hand from the rope, it hurts like a mother.
    Good luck with your anchor and make sure you don't have a knot tied in the end of the line in case you need to let the anchor go for safety reasons.

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    Tie One On

    Davo and Biggie have answered most of your questions. Up until now I have only used a rear anchor, but just purchased a second anchor that I want to extend off the bow. If you read any of the stillwater books they recommend using two anchors so that the boat doesn't spin or drift with the wind while you are slowly retrieving chironomids. In any other circumstance I don't think a two anchor system is necessary. I just want to use two anchors when I'm fishing lakes and Chironomids.

    My rear anchor system extends off an arm at the rear of the boat and then doubles back to the stern with a pulley in the middle. As the anchor extends down you basically have the anchor between two lengths of rope. That will significantly reduce the effort to retrieve the anchor, the drawback is that you are using double the length of rope for any desired depth. Here in WY we can get some pretty good winds as the thunderstorms roll through and I was continually having problem holding position in the winds even though I had all of my rope out. I'm talking off having difficulty holding in 15 ft of water. Later on I removed the center pulley off the rear so the anchor simple hung off the rear arm. That gave me a lot more rope to extend out so I could hold my position better in the high winds, but I still found that when the winds really pick up and the waves get in the 1-2 ft range the wind would still drag my boat down wind and when it did come time to pull the anchor (even with the wind not blowing) the effort to get the anchor up was significantly greater. End result is I have gone back to using the pulley, but I will probably buy a longer length anchor rope for fishing lakes.


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