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Thread: Cutthroat Spawn in South Yellowstone

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    Anyone know when it starts? I've searched the internet and not much luck. Any information helps.

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    Cutthroat here in SE Idaho, close to SW Yellowstone spawn in Aug. if I am not mistaken.

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    I read it might be earlier than that, but not 100%. I'm going to take a detour through Yellowstone this May and heard that the Fishing Bridge on the Yellowstone(no fishing allowed) is a great place to see the cutts run/spawn. I've seen some family videos on web of the cutts running up stream and think it would be a good opportunity to use my new camera.

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    you won't see as many cutties as you would have a decade ago thanks to the new inhabitant in yellowstone lake (lake trout), but you should be able to see some trout holding under the bridge. make sure that you take the board walk down to lehardy rapids (a few miles north of fishing bridge, towards the canyon). at the rapids, look behind rocks on the edges of the river, i've seen some huge cutts holding there in the past, and if you're lucky you might see some of them attempt the leap up the rapids to their next holding area.

    ---ice out on the lake wasnt until the very end of may last year, that might effect what you can see at the bridge.

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