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    Is anyone familiar with or have any information regarding the Fryingpan River Ranch. I am going to be in Basalt this summer and have been doing some research and have run across several mentions of the Fryingpan River Ranch. However, there is no website and little to no information I can find about it online. All I know is that it offers some private access water on the Fryingpan. Can anyone with any knowledge of the place shed some light on it for me?

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    I worked at, what was then called the Horseshoe Bend Ranch, back in 84 and 85. It then changed hands many times, was owned by the BassMasters for a bit, called The RockyMountain Ranch and then finally Fryingpan River Ranch.

    It had on the property (which it does not own - all leased from the Nat. Forest Service), a cabin called the Cooper Cabin which was where the mother of astronaut Gordon Cooper once lived.

    It also had what was called the Lake Cabin which was one of the oldest resort cabins still in existence. This was torn down however and a conference hall setup there.

    The Ivanhoe Creek and the Middle fork of the Frying Pan river flow through the property. The South Fork of the Fryingpan is just below the ranch, below the artificial Nast Lake. The North fork is quite aways further northwest.

    Many beaver ponds exist on all of the waterways around this ranch. There are private cabins up from the ranch which are right on the middle fork.

    I've caught many brookies, browns and rainbow on all of these waters. There used to be a huge 18" brook trout that lived in the beaver pond formed just in front of the horse barns on the Ivanhoe. We tried everything we could to catch it. No flies, wet or dry, bait, or spinners would work. I eventually threw a large 4 inch Rappala out to it and it took it! I released it back into the pond.

    Both the Ivanhoe, and all of the forks of the Fryingpan contribute to the reverse flow water shed project where way up at their source, tunnels were dug back through the continental divide range to push Colorado river bound water back to the Arkansas and the bread belt of the world.

    This ranch holds a very special place in my heart and I dearly miss it.


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