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Thread: Wading staff

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    Default Wading staff

    I know they have collapsable wading staffs for about $100 but are there any cheaper alternatives? If you have a solid staff what do you do when you get to the spot you want to fish? let it dangle off a belt? Put it on shore?

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    Default Re: Wading staff


    I have a Folstaff but gave it to my wife. I replaced it with another (larger) collapsible staff that I bought from Sportsman's Warehouse at a very affordable price but I can't quote it. You need to shop around a bit, I prefer the folding vs. solid or telescoping type. When I don't require the use it is stowed neatly in a belt holster and you don't even realize it is there. When you need it you are ready in a matter of seconds. A very handy piece of gear and one that has probably saved me taking a few spills over the years.

    The older you get the more you tend to err on the side of caution eh?


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    Default Erring on the side of caution

    Here, Here! What Ard said! I have a Folstaff, and wouldn't head to the river without it. Don't need it, its in the holster. Need it, and its keeping me upright. There are some wonderful places I fish that I simply could not anymore without the staff. If you shop around, you can find Folstaff's for less than a hundred, but it takes some hunting. (the profit margin on those staffs must be equal to the margin picture framers enjoy - high and mighty).

    I'm pretty sure you couldn't convince me to rely on a telescopic staff; everything I have that is telescopic (light stands, painting poles, etc) fails on a regular basis.

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    Default Re: Erring on the side of caution

    I have tried using a collapsable pole, but I found that it shook around too much in fast water. Actually I still use it, but I think I am going to opt for a Hart's River Stalker Wading Staff. It is solid wood and does not shake around like aluminum poles. I have used my friend's, and I am impressed how solid it is. When I am not using it, I let it dangle from my wading belt.


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    Default Re: Erring on the side of caution

    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    but I think I am going to opt for a Hart's River Stalker Wading Staff.
    Harts River Stalker is the only way to go!

    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Wading staff

    I have a one that collapses into a holster and it's ok...cabelas...

    My buddy is a newbie and he just took an old ski pole and made a real nice staff out of it in 15 minutes. My next staff (if i ever need one) will be an old ski pole...

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    Default Re: Wading staff

    i use a collapsible style staff as well. the model i have is extremely durable and i think i got it from the cabelas bargain barn for around 30.00. it sits in a holster on my wading belt at the ready whenever i may need it and the coil lanyard easily allows the staff to drag along behind me as i fish. definitely a great tool to have if needed.



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    I have a folding staff, $49.00 from Cabelas, with a holster. I attached a magnet to the handle, and on on the holster (net keeper from allen and co), so that when I am mid water, I can just hook the magnets and it is always right there at my left hip.

    The cork cracked one day, I taped it up with waterproof tape, I keep thinking I will get a folstaff, but I have not yet, this one has lasted me 3 seasons now. I would not think about wading the Truckee without a wading staff on my hip. this aluminum cheapie is not the greatest staff, but it works, and I have gotten my moneys worth out of it.


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    Default Re: Wading staff

    i use the fish pond one.


    its undr 100 bucks (got mine for 80 at north platte fly shops online) and it collapses down. i slip it between my belt and waders

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    Default Re: Wading staff

    Lots of good suggestions for which staff to buy. I have the Folstaff and, as GT suggests, would not hit the river without it.

    Now, about your second question, what do you do with it when you get to a spot to fish....

    Collapsing the staff every time I stop is simply not feasible, especially considering I am a hit-and-move-on kind of guy. I employ a magnetic net holder, one magnet tied into the staff's tether near it's handle, the other on a loop that I hang from my belt. When the magnets are "hooked" the staff handle is at my hip. I also regularly let the staff float along behind/beside me, particularly if while stepping it clicks on the stream bed.

    It's been a good system for me.
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