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    Hello Im new to this forum and it looks good. Im 11 years old and live close to New Sarepta in Alberta. Im mostly fish ponds with stocked trout.

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    I'm new to the Forum also.....I wish I had started flyfishing when I was your age. By naming yourself after one of the most productive flies ever created - it seems like you're already "fly wise" beyond your years. Good Luck!

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    Elk Hair Caddis- A big welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. It's a great pattern you've chosen for your username, so as Walter says, you must be a pretty smart cookie.

    Looking forward to hearing some fishing stories from you. Good luck this season.


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    Welcome from an "old hand"...great age to begin flyfishing!the problem is when you begin you can't stop...I was in charge with a flyfishing school years ago and saw some little Mozarts,if you understand what I mean...hope you'll become one soon!

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    Elk Hair Caddis, welcome to the forum. You now have the experience and knowledge of a lot of fly fishermen from around the world at your disposal. Hope you take advantage of everyone's willingness to share this knowledge. Looking forward to your posts.

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    thanks alot guys I'll be heading out to beaumont pond in beaumont this week might post some pictures.

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