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    my grandpa gave me these a while back with some lures in it, i wanted to order some more to help out with storage space, so let me know if you know what its called

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    they are old sewing needle cases. try flea markets, you might find some there.
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    yes, just what i like to hear! a trip to the flea market is neccessary!
    thanks a lot!

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    You are correct...sewing needle cases. I used to have a few, but unfortunately, they're long gone...
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    Hi MikeyBob365,

    If you just want to have containers for your flies you can get good ones at your local pharmacy. Find a prescription bottle you like the size of and as your pharmacist to sell you a few. Don't get the child proof lids. Now if you want the wood ones then I can understand that.

    Another very good way to carry small flies is in Altoid metal boxes. You get the added benefit of eating the mints.


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    plastic 35mm film canisters work well, too. they're also fairly waterproof.

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    thanks frank and flyguy! i like both ideas, but i'll be sure to check out the flea market as well!

    and Dave, i found a site online selling them if you want me to send it to you the link in a PM?

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