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Thread: Water skeeter whats up?

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    does anyone know the low down on water skeeter boats? I can get on for a very good price. So hows the quality etc. also did they go out of business or what?

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    Water Skeeter is no longer in business. Therefore, there will not be any warrenty with your boat. To answer your question about the quality you will have to let me know what type of water you are fishing. Lakes? Rivers? and if so what class of rapids does it have. A Water Skeeter was my first boat. They are made in China and if anything goes wrong you will not find replacement parts.

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    i fish in medium to small sized lakes, and then slower rivers nothing too big

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    Well a lower profile boat like bucks bags river ghost or a north fork Renegade or rampage will be good as the wind won't move u around as bad. If I might ask, what price is the skeeter?

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    sorry for the late reply, but its $290 new

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    well longer pontoons in the 8 to 10 ft range will give you more stability. and lower pontoons will keep you from getting blown around on the lake on windy days. To see what I mean go to the forum sponser drift away outfitters and look at the difference in height between the bucks bag river ghost and the bronco. Basically you get what you pay for. but for your first pontoon, i would say go for it. As you get more experience with them you will see what you want and dont want in a pontoon and then make a purchase based on that. Or maybe the skeeter will fill you needs for years to come. Hey at $290 if you get 5 years worth of use out of it, the cost was $58 a year. Hope this helps

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    There's a reason Waterskeeter went out of business.
    But like Cahill said you get what you pay for. Get it. Biggest problem you will most likely have is a leaky valve or bladder. Both can be fixed.
    If you're money concience, look locally for used Scaddens, Outcasts, Bucks Bags. If people stillwater fish in the area where you live, then there is kickboats. If there are kickboats, there are people that want new models and want to get rid of the old boat. They have to get rid of them somehow and that's where you have to look.
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    I had a River Guide pontoon for a few years and it held up well for me. I never had any problems with how it performed.
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    I have a River Lite pontoon from Water Skeeter and haven't had any problems with it. I've taken it on a couple 3 day long floats on the Platte River and had a blast.

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