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Thread: Midge Presentation

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    Looking for good advice? Books are one thing, but this forum is often better! I read a lot of fly fishing books, but they don't respond to specific questions.

    Proof of the Buddha Palm method and hooking fish lightly can be seen when dangling a fly downstream: I've had so many fish hook themselves while I watch clouds passing overhead, and some really good fish sometimes! Lefty Kreh uses the strip strike for nymphing, largely to keep the fly close to the fish (as Jim discussed).

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    FB2, I've never met Lefty, but I'd bet he knows what he's doin'.
    At a certain point in one's studies, you can't remember what you discovered yourself, and what you heard from someone, or read somewhere.
    And it doesn't matter. It's all good.
    I get to discuss the Truckee, and fishing in general with a well known fisher or two.. My sensei.
    It is fun to compare notes, and find out the thing you discovered on your own,
    is something they know too. Or your take, might have a reason for working, other than the one you might have thought.
    So it goes from one fisher to another through generations and across the globe.
    The forum is continuing the tradition, just more-than one flyfisher at a time.


    Any fish caught without purpose, is a "gift fish". "The down stream "dangle" can be deadly, and perhaps 20% of client fish are caught this way..
    The rod set will often pull the fly away from a down-stream fish. Strip set here too for best results.
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    Thought you guys might like to see this. After looking at this photo, I decided maybe a shiny black head on a midge pupa might work well, so I got some neat 2mm gunmetal beads.
    [ame=""]Midge Pupa. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!@@AMEPARAM@@ @AMEPARAM@@27ea32b432[/ame]

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