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    Hello all! This is my introductory posting, but before that, please answer me this. I live in GA and, having just started flyfishing last year, I was hoping that I would be gaining some information on the places I will be fishing, e.g., North GA, NC, and Smoky Mtn, from this forum. Does this site have any freshwater stream fishers posting here?Since I am a newbie to this sport, I am shying away from the saltwater sites, although many years ago, I watched Bill Dance wading saltwater flats for ??, I don't know, but that seemed to be the perfect experience. Maybe after a while eh?This Memorial weekend, I plan on fishing Noontootla Creek in North GA, and if possible, I'd appreciate any pointers, directions, etc. on this.

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    How close are you to Ft. Bragg? My son is there, and I might be able to convince him to leave the tittie bars and go fishing with you.

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    Sorry but Ft Bragg is in NC and I'm in GA. about 8 hours drive.

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    stick with it. having just started flyfishing last year myself I've learned alot from the forum. there's a lot of knowledge here to be shared from around the U.S. and Canada. you might not find information on your area but you never the stuff you read here just might help you out anyway.

    welcome aboard and hope you enjoy. and tight lines to you over the holiday weekend.

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    I live in middle tennessee, and I really believe that the fishing here is as good as east tennessee. I really don't have a lot of knowledge of the smokies (or a lot of knowledge about flyfishing period) so if you're going to fish the Caney Fork let me know, but as far as the Smokies, locate a local fly shop before you head up there and stop by asap and have them give you pointers on what's hitting. You'll have to find a good hole by yourself probably, but at-least you should leave with 4-5 different fly patterns that they know work. Make sure you don't just get what's in season, but a few year-rounders. I've almost always had luck with prince nymphs (gold bead heads are best), black or white wooley buggers, or pheasant tail nymphs. I know in middle tennesee you don't go on the river with out those.
    If you have any more questions let me know, some of my friends have been fishing here a lot longer than me and I can ask them.

    Welcome to the forum

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    The area around Helen, GA is excellent. Unicoi Outfitters, a full service fly shop in Helen, is the place to contact. They will be extremely helpful. Check out their website.

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