I headed off to fish some new water today, new to me, that is. I have fished the lower end of this stream but today was my first time fishing the headwaters. I was pleased, I shall return.

The day started off pretty good, I caught a decent 9 inch brown on my second cast, he refused to have his picture taken. A few casts later, I caught a rainbow. The next few hours were pretty strong, the fish were very eager. All but one fish was caught on the green weenie, I did catch one on the dry.

I was catching rainbows and browns, more rainbows but still catching a fair share of browns. As I fished on up, I knew I should be getting into some brooks soon. Soon enough, they showed up. No matter how high I climbed, rainbows were still the predominant species I caught. I was a bit surprised at how high of elevation I was still catching browns.

I got to the point where I had to exit the stream or fish on through a gorge with no exit point until you reach the end. I was getting tired and hungry, so I decided to head back to the truck for some lunch.

Peanut butter/jelly/bacon sammich, very tasty.

After a short break, I headed down to lower end to try my luck. Within 10 minutes, I had five small rainbows and 3 others I hooked and lost. I thought I was going to really catch some large numbers. I fished on for another 45 minutes with nothing, not even a strike. I decided to call it a day and head home.

I think I will soon revisit the headwaters of this stream when I can spend all day there. There are a few feeders I also want to explore.