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    Default Nymphs take the day

    After taking my daughter to cheerleading camp and dropping her off i decided to grab a few hours on the water fishing so me and the gf ( her second time fishing with nymphs) hit hatchery supported water with in 3 miles of the house, turned out to be not bad as she caught 5 this time all and all it was a 33 fish day but i done some fishing alone after i picked up my daughter, where i ran into some spinner fisherman and decided to fish on water they had done fished and to my surprise caught a lot of fish behind them.Here are some pics.

    Here was a nice suprise on bigger water.

    We used stonefly nymphs and rainbow warriors

    Might i add that we kept no fish.

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    Default Re: Nymphs take the day

    Nice fish. That big brown is a stocker, no doubt. The rainbows, small brown, and brook look like wild fish to me. Their colors, fins, and parr marks all look like wild fish.
    Wild troutin', blue linin', fly flingin', camo wearin', redneckin' elitist.

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    Default Re: Nymphs take the day

    Hi stimulator2,

    Wow a great day and fishing with the girl friend. Can't beat that. Some nice looking fish.

    It is great that you are releasing the fish and I applaud you for that. If I were taking pictures of your fish I would not lay them on the dirt, grass, rocks, or moss. The slime on the fish is rubbed off to some extent. It is much better to hold the fish or keep it in the water for a picture.


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    Default Re: Nymphs take the day

    Thanks Frank i will do that from now on .I really didn't think about that guess had one of those moments ..

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