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  1. Default Pigeon River info?

    I'm moving to SC for the next 3.5 years for chiropractic school and am looking forward to a little trout fishing again (I've been in KY for the last two after moving from heaven, i.e. Idaho). I've driven past the pigeon river on the I-40 corridor, and it's got my mouth watering. Can anyone tell me anything about the trout fishing on that stretch?

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    You must be talking about the I-40 gorge after entering into NC . well thats not far from my house if that is it . then here you its got smallmouth, brim, catfish,rainbow ,brown,lots of rocks with rattlesnakes and copperheads not somewhere you want to fish in spring or summer . some creeks off of it have some great fishing like at exit 7 exit 31 to the upper pigeon river where there are more trout and some good fly fishing but if you are going to be in greenville you will be close to Brevard and the davison river ,the horsepasture river and some really good fishing.

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    I'll be in Spartanburg, if you know that area at all. Also, if you ever need a fishing partner, I'll be happy to have someone show me around the area a little.

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    Lol dont know Spartenburg but maybe we could fish sometime i'm on the go alot

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    I have never fished the main river, just the headwaters of several of it's tribs.
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    Anyone know of any good fly shops in the area?

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    bow addict,

    I live in spartanburg and I'm just getting into fly fishing. From what I've been told, as I've asked around, there aren't any fly shops near here. There used to be one in greenville but I think it closed down. Actually, I think there is one in Greer but I can't say that with 100% certainty as I was asking my fishing buddy of mine when I was about 9 pbrs deep.

    hit me up sometime, esp if you need advice about the area.

    Enjoy Sherman!


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