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    Default Heartbreaking Fish

    With temps.blistering,the water low,working and my son in football i have not got to fish for the past couple of weeks.So on friday i decided to go to the lake after the game only to find out the water would be running hard in my favorite tailwater so no fishing.Waking on sat. morning and watching a few hunting shows i could stand it no longer so the girlfriend and i took off around 12pm to fish one of my spots a couple miles below the house.Well it was hot but on the second cast i got a nice 9" rainbowand then this 15.6" brown.

    Then i got two more bows in the same spot and gave Ann the rod and she caught a nice bow there to.We moved up stream with nothing else taking til we came to a nice pool where i have caught brown in the top and bottom but never anything in the deep middle.Now i posted in a thread called (Whats The Biggest Fish You Have Caught On A Fly) well it is 17.6''.So i tell Ann there has to be a big fish here,Well i make i perfect cast straight to a branch on a tree hanging over it and break off all three nymphs well that does it i'nm going to get them back when Ann says why dont you put on more and fish then go get them ok(she does have her moments).I rig up again and make the cast this time (I'm fishing a Rubber Leggs,Vladi Worm and Rainbow Warrior)when my strike indicator goes down,perfect set game on and this fish is large.I'm fishing my 4wt 9ft Z-Axis with 3x tippet (8lb).After about 10min the fish tried to jump but no luck this brown is in the 28" range and heavy, he will not go in the small net i had but Ann was doing her best at it.I was with this fish for 45mins and he was tired when we had him in shallow water as Ann went to make the final net attempt she slipped and fell coming down on the line and a hook going in between her thumb and index finger in her hand and that was it he was gone.Well she cried and i was in shock i think but told it was alright ,i'm still at 17.6" on the fly.Wemanaged a few more.This Rainbow.
    Ann got this one her biggest at the time 12".
    O yea i got my nymphs back from the tree.She wanted to fish yesterday so we went again and she got this 13" brown her new biggest on a fly.

    She wonders why she waited so long to start fishing told her because she was not with me then.

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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    Stimi: Great report and photos! I feel your pain in the lost Brown. JJ and his son Nathaniel lost a big 26" trout on the North Platte a few weeks back that was heart breaking.


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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    Wow heartbreaking is right, that's a heck of a fish-- figures it was hanging out in a tough spot to reach, but now at least you know where it lives--

    Great story with excellent and pics-- I hope Ann is OK--- She sounds like a great catch and real keeper!

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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    She is ok didn't really go deep in her hand but has two bruised knees from her fall.

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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    great pics and report
    too bad about the lunker, but at least everyone is ok



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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    You'll just have to go for the guide-sized net next time and she'll be landing fish like a champ Nice fish! I can only hope my fiancee is as receptive to fly-fishing! And big fish know their lies, so I hope you're able to go back and pull that lunker out next time.
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    Maybe when the hurricane puts some rain in here and before the water gets muddy i will try for him..

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    Default Re: Heartbreaking Fish

    You know you should try and fish that stream when it IS high and muddy....big black leech.

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    wow good report and nice fish

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