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Thread: A nice October week

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    Default A nice October week

    I finally got away from work took a week off for some stress relief and it was great.Went to the middle part of NC to do some hunting with a life long friend on his hunting club.Well the acorns and hickory nuts were falling all over the place and deer on the move except i didnt get one but had a great time watching them.I came home on wednesday to just be around the house and let my son come back home from his moms.So i decided to fish and it was great the browns are running and in the small pools and are loving the PT Nymph,it tokk me a few min. to tie one on as a dropper but i finally did and i got this small rainbow.

    Thenthrew to the smallest part of the pool and guess what a 13" brown was there.
    i took one more pic of fish cause all i had was my cell phone.
    But wish i had took the camera the leaves are about to peak here in WNC and with this rain coming in might be passed by weekend but it was beautiful Carolina blue skies with leaves on trees of red, gold ,green,and orange.Hope you cann picture it in your mind with low water standing mid-stream casting a Elk Hair Caddiswith a PTdropper.

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    Default Re: A nice October week

    I can picture it, good post this one.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: A nice October week

    Thanks for the commint

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    Default Re: A nice October week

    nice pics. thanks for sharing....
    i have a buddy who lives near asheville, and he is constantly giving me reports of great fishing and pretty country.



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