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    Default My times in the smokies

    I guess im pretty lucky to have the Smokie mountains in my backyard. I've only been fly fishing for almost a year and mostly all I fish is the native waters and some delayed harvest. Heres just a few pictures of my adventures over the last year or so. Hope you guys like

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    Hi nc on the fly.
    It's always good to see someone new on the site & to check out their pics,some nice Rainbows,Browns & Brookies.

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    Default Re: My times in the smokies

    Nice fish and some good looking water too, love to have a shot at that plunge pool!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: My times in the smokies

    Thanks guys I got alot more pictures, but those where the best I had so far. Im gonna try to go today and i'll make a video and get some pictures. Thanks for liking them fellers!

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    Default Re: My times in the smokies

    Welcome to the forum NC, it's always nice to see the little brooks of the Appalachian Mountains and of course the fish that survive in them. You should tell us what rod, reel, and flies are working for you. Tackle talk goes great here as well as fish


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    Default Re: My times in the smokies

    Nice pics looks like Madison co. in some of those.We might over lap on fishing since you are in Leicester and i'm in Maggie.. Keep up the good pics..

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    Thanks for all the replies fellers! My gear depends on where i'm at mostly. Right now for wild trout and the native brookies I use either a size 14 royal wolf or a 16 size and yellow and red humpies along with a blue olive and the rod i use for wild streams is a Cortland 6'6 pro cast 3wt rod with a Ross flystart 3wt reel with 3 wt line. For delayed harvest I use a 9'0 redington pursuit 6wt rod with a pursuit reel with 5 wt line. The bugs I use in delayed are a black stone fly a blonde ston some march brown dry flys and for all the rods i use Rio leader 5x for delayed 6-7x for wild streams. Heres some pics from today no fish but great scenery this was at the piegon river. AKA sunburst.

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