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    Default what creek is it ?

    i went to Cade's Cove in the smokies last week and i followed the stream all the where and on the way back i stopped to fish it but i didn't have any luck finding the name of it . can some one tell me if they know and if so is it just wild trout in there? the trout were breaking all around me but i couldn't catch a single trout on dry flies to save my life. now that was frustrating watching all those trout sipping flies all but mine .lol

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    Default Re: what creek is it ?

    I think you were following along side "Laurel Creek". It is the creek that you cross several times as you go west toward Cades Cove.. If you were "in" Cades Cove then you would be in the headwaters of Abrams Creek.
    ALL of the streams in the Park are wild trout.....not sure why you couldn't catch any fish.....which fly were you using ?...What time of day ?

    Not sure if this helps or not glad to help any way I can


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