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    Default Pontooning the Florida Gulf

    We will be in Islamorada and Marco for a week in June. I'd like to use my Scadden Renegade in both places, but am wondering about the shark factor when using fins.

    Is using an inflatable pontoon safe in the Gulf/Keys? Would it be better to stick to rowing? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Pontooning the Florida Gulf

    Personally I would not fish in anything in Islamorada or the Gulf where part of my body suspended in the water for a long perod of time. The bullsharks in the gulf are aggressive and when I was in Islamorada back in March there were so many Bulls in the bay that one of the main catches while fishing was remoras.
    I have a timeshare in Estero Island on the gulf and in recent years there have been large pods of pilot whales beaching themselves on our beach after being harassed by large groups of bull sharks.
    Also by June the Tarpon run is in full swing in Islamorada and this means Hammerheads and lots of them.
    Don't get me wrong I fish like a crazy person when I'm in these areas and the fishing is fabulous but my body (all of it) remains in the boat. And if I decide to wade the flats it's in no more then 2 feet of water !
    Just remember when your fly fishing and fighting fish from a small personal water craft the playing out of that fish is like a dinnerbell to the sharks.
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    Don't take the risk. We have had a lot of bites on the East Coast recently and the Sharks are generally a lot more abundant and aggressive this time of year. Full boat or don't do it in my opinion.

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    I fish quite a bit in the keys. I would definitely not try it there. Sharks are thick, quite a few boats around etc. could be very dangerous.

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