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    Default Rhododendron Jungle

    Tucked back in some of the coves of NC are some beautiful streams with trout and some that have trout that are just thick.Here is the first 100 yards or so when casting was possible.

    Then came the crawling, the bow and arrow casting, then climbing over logs under logs ans not getting out of the water because it is so thick that would be even worse.

    But through all the crawling the tangled lines there were no crowds and the fishing was wonderful.

    It was a good day 3 miles from the nearest road and when we got home it was time for a ribeye on the grill.

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    Wow, what a jungle! To me those are some of the best streams because of the serenity. Thanks for sharing those pics.

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    Very nice looking stream, due to the difficulty getting back in there you probably won't ever run into another angler. Congrats on the great looking trout!

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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    I like to call it combat fishing.
    Wild troutin', blue linin', fly flingin', camo wearin', redneckin' elitist.

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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    Pretty Brookies! Worth the crawl for beauties like those . Nice pics.
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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    That's Mountain Laurel, the State Flower of Pennsylvania Pretty similar to what I grew up on, nice fish!


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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    small stream bush wackin'
    great stuff, thanks for sharing.



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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    wow! nice stretch of water. Although i cant imagine crawling under any of that, or over

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    Default Re: Rhododendron Jungle

    The last few stream pics remind why I used to use the longest rod possible most times for that stuff. Dabbing was often in order.
    A few years ago I built a 6', 5 weight simply for throwing big flies and junk in streams like those. The whimpy, gutless 0, 00 and 000 weight rods that were all the rage not too long ago just couldn't handle that action.
    Go forth and hit those blue lines while your knee's are good and you are semi-invincible. I envy you!

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