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    Default headed to the smokies

    i am headed to the smokies next week and i can' wait. i contacted the Waynesville Fly Shop and planned a guided trip and i can't wait. well before i am going on the trip is there anything i need to no ? I have several days there before i go on this so of course i am hitting the creeks around there. so what is the bast flies of choice at this time? inch worm? prince nymphs? ants?how bout the dry flies i got no idea bout them at all i need any help you can give . and what streams are doing good ? thanks for the advise you guys are going to give me i always get good stuff when i ask.

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    You should ask this in the regional section for the area you are going.

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    You should be able to fish Yellow Sallies, some Sulphers, orange and yellow stimulators,Prince nymphs,Abd if you contacted Gary at Waynesville Fly he will help you out i don't know who he has guiding for him.Where are you wanting to fish around Waynesville or are you just letting him pick.

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    i told him to pick what ever was doing good at the time we go maybe that way its a no lose situation.iasked him to help mewith the dry fly part of it so i cna learn from someone who knows .i am ready to learn thats for sure

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    Default Re: headed to the smokies

    Sounds like you have tons of question.....! Gary will probably be of some help. Are you wanting to fish "wild" water or hatchery supported water... ?? this will make a tremendous difference in you selection of gear and flies..
    I fished the park yesterday which is wild water. The water level is down some but the forecast is for significant rain Monday and Tuesday...this should help it is now with low levels mean longer leaders and smaller tippets the better. Water temperatures are in the upper 50s/lo 60s. there are multiple hatches coming off everyday. i would'nt be concerned about terrestrials now...tad too early....

    If we knew more about the type fishing you want to do ....the more help we could be........... best of luck

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    If you are back from your trip- how did it go? I was there the same week as you. A #16 elk hair caddis- blond wing and dark olive body seemed to work very well. I also got some rainbows on a #12 Gray Thunderhead- which I used primarily because I had trouble seeing a dry fly in fast water. In the pools greenie-weenies worked. I got one on a Royal Wulff #16. For a bonding experience with the past I used a #12 yellowhammer- I think a #14 or #16 would have been better based on the real yellow sallys I saw but I did hook and lose a pretty good fish from a deep pool on the #12 yellow hammer. I probably could have exclusively just used the elk hair caddis and done as well.

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    I am back from the smokies not that i wanted to but had to. well i went to the "Tuck" on my guided fly trip and i had a great time fishing and leaning on the water. we used a girdle bug and a egg sack and had a lot of luck . i caught several fish in the teen size and my son caught several too. i missed more thatn i caught. but being the first time i think i did great.My guide was Jason out of Waynesville fly shop and he was the best guide i could of ever asked for . Heaanswered every question and gave me more infomation thatn i could use. Ilearned alot from this experience that i am so grateful for. I was "scared" to fish a big river but after this i think i learned enough to fish on the rest of my life and not guess how to fish it. we didn't fish any dries but that was ok. I continued fishing the rest of the week and had some luck but not the luck i had in trips before . But catching a fish is a good time just being out on the water with nature and experiencing the serenity makes it a great trip. No pics tho i had no camera that could take good ones so i don't try. maybe thats later

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    Thats great that you enjoyed yourself and had a goodtime.

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