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    Default streams in the GSMNP

    i fished a couple streams in the park there is one problem if you don't live around there like many of us don't, For me is finding areas of the streams that are good to fish, is it the first mile or the 4th mile that i should get off the trail and start fishing. I understand that its the farther up you go the better the fishing but sometimes when you have only the morning to fish which one should i fish and where on it should i go. there are so many streams to fish with so much info on each creek that i need to know to fish them. So if anyone could lend a little help i would like it . I don't want to know your honey holes just where i should start fishing these creeks i'm coming back in august and planning on fishing alot more this time than i usually do either inside or outside the park . i like it all.

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    Default Re: streams in the GSMNP

    I have fished the park for a couple of years now and part of the fun is to discover the new and good stretches of water by yourself. Pretty much all the streams and rivers in the park hold trout. You already mentioned it in your post but I will repeat it again - seek out the stretches in the streams that require you to hike in at the minimum 1mile and you will find solitude and willing trout.
    The park gets pretty crowded close to the roads & it only takes another angler to have fished the water ahead of you to put the trout down for a couple of hours.
    Here are some resources to help you choose the right stream / river:
    1) Little River Outfitters Fly Shop in Townsend - they have a very good website with a thorough fishing report every day.
    2) Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing books by I. Rutter & D. Kirk.

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    Default Re: streams in the GSMNP

    Having fished the park my whole life and living just a few miles from it i can tell you that if walk up a few miles be early if you fish next to the road be early.The fish may not want to bite all day its just about being there at the right time .My son hooked into a fish the other evening right beside the road and could not control it my guess would be 20 plus inches.All the park water is good but in August it will be low unless we get rain which we need here bad.If you need more info send me a pand i will try and help before you come on your trip but i'm on the NC side of the park.

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    Default Re: streams in the GSMNP

    call me dumb but what is p and i . i figured i must hike in but it sems to me that one mile really isn't that far. i guess i really need to leave everyone back home and go up there by myself and fish all day everyday by myself and my son. cause having just the morning to fish is hard to hike in 3-4 miles hike out that much and find time to fish. i just wish i could live up near the park so i could have plenty of time to fish

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    Default Re: streams in the GSMNP

    Sorry about that but if you send me a PM i will try to help you out with where you would like to fish, before you leave on your trip.

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