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    Default Storms Rip Smokies

    On July 4th we left home at 5am to spend the rest of the week on Deep Creek and a good week it was.We had camp set by 11am 8miles in.
    Then we fished and the fishing was good caught several fish in the 12" range during our stay.I however seemed to keep forgetting my camera at camp so not many picks.Well the next day was the same hot fishing was hot caught several again including this one big brown that was 20" on a small nymph.

    The fish was hooked really deep and very sluggish when the fight was over so he went for a good cause in some House of Autry seasoning and dinner.When we were done we lounged in the water to cool off some.

    And my dad and our buddy relaxed at camp.
    Well later that evening the sky got dark down the creek and the wind blew some with a little rain.Friday was pretty much the same fished, relaxed at camp and watched our evening visitor.

    Even the horses watched her.
    . When we left out Saturday morning at the next camp down we were asked how we got over the trees with the horses .I asked what trees and learned the strom that hit july 5th left trees in the trail so the next camp down gad 4 people in it and i asked how far down before we hit the trees and they didn't know they had came over the mountain and saw no trees down,so we took the trail over the mountain with no trouble.When we got to Bryson we learned the storm had just barly passed over us but had done lots of damage in the park closing trails,roads,and facilities.Also killing 2 peolps in the Cades Cove area .We were lucky but had a great trip.

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    Default Re: Storms Rip Smokies

    Shannon: Looks like a great trip with some fantastic fishing, you're group was indeed blessed to have narrowly missed the storm.

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