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    wow that's so bad i hope people stop littering

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    Hello Seanfly and others in the area of Wilson's Creek. I drove through the area this past weekend on 7/29 and it was so crowded I did not get out of the truck. I was completely disgusted at the amount of traffic and people in this so called "Wild and Scenic River" area. The majority of the trash is resultant of the "day use area" visitors. I have been up here many times as it is close to my home. I've seen an increase in day-use by people who have no idea what sportsmanship or conservation is about. This past Sunday, as I've seen in the past few years increasingly, the whole gorge through the 2 mile recreation are looked like the Myrtle Beach strip in July complete with traffic and a waterfront packed with people.

    This is unacceptable for any natural area, especially this once pristine "Wild and Scenic" river. I feel very inclined to contact our elected officials (for the NC 10th district, which encompasses this section of Wilson's Creek, this is Congressman Patrick McHenry-Rep) and petition them to take action before this area is destroyed completely. I have thought about an optimal solution. My idea involves making this area like so many areas out in the western part of the US, which are pay-permit usage areas only. I fished last year in WA and with the purchase of an annual fishing license, you automatically receive such a pass to access these type of areas, included for no additional charge. Non-licensed citizens who just want to go for recreation have to pay for a daily pass or an annual pass. I have absolutely no problem paying for access to such areas whether the pass comes with my license or must be purchased separately, granted that the majority of the money from the permit fee is appropriated directly towards maintaining the area; and granted that if this state begins to mandate permits for additional areas, one permit is applicable at multiple sites. This methodology can further be advantageous to track usage and to prevent over-usage and destruction. I encourage all of you, locals especially, to please petition your North Carolina representatives, your local Trout Unlimited chapters and other organizations who would take interest, to propose this process which would help limit the use and generate additional funding to maintain the area.

    This is a great fishery and a beautiful area that deserves to be respected! I am very glad that you posted this concern about Wilson's Creek. I know trash is a wide-spread problem. All we can do is stand up for the areas that are near and dear to us, and maybe we can make a difference, if only small.

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    i was glad to read your post you have a very good idea any idea is a good one that helps banish this means of destruction to OUR land. I have never been up there in the gorge any other time and i think i was there on a thursday and not many people were there but what they left behind was. People that use OUR lands for their pleasure should take care of them if they want to go back one day and use them again. i can't imagine what these lands will look like in ten twenty or even fifty years from now if the "jerks" from our generation ruin it now.

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    you can clean up after the others
    and you can teach your children to respect nature
    Thanks to my father, he has taught and shown what to do...
    this photo from little Missouri falls in Arkansas:

    I collected the garbage left by other people, I want to note that most beer cans & cigarette butt...
    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt
    "Live with your eyes open, you might notice something and you will have the opportunity to share it with the world." Argail

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    I forgot about this thread until argail bumped it up. Last week I took the boat up my favorite river 34 miles above the launch site. I have an 18.5' ATEC Sockeye with a tunnel hull and it'll run over some real skinny water especially with just Boss and some light camp gear on board.

    I went up to the island where I found the lost Iditarod dog that I wrote about on my blog pages here last spring. What you need to know is that in all the years that I've floated (rafts) this river I never have seen a jet boat 34 miles above the boat launch. The skinny water would have a lot to do with the absence of heavy boats. In other words the traffic on this middle stretch of river (about 60 miles) is made up of pontoon rafts and canoes. people float the river and camp on about every acceptable sand bar and beach along this 60+ mile course.

    After reaching my farthest upstream point I started down looking to select the best place to camp. Boss and I spent 2 days out there and used 3 camp sites for making fires and cooking up some chow. When I got back to the launch late Saturday night I had 2 full garbage bags (I keep a bunch in the boat for fish) and almost none of it was from our use. It is amazing that even here in the wilds of Alaska people will go to all the trouble to arrange drop off and pickup some 67 miles apart on a beautiful river and bring every imaginable sort of stuff along. The problem arises in that they leave a large amount of the stuff behind in the way of trash. I didn't even know they still made 'Jiffy Pop' popcorn anymore until I gathered the wire handles and aluminum pans and covers from them left in a fire ring. I hadn't seen them for 30 years! Another item of interest were the 'Organic' product packages I found and of course Dorito bags from the junk food crowd. The gist of this is that all sort of people are doing this not just those we may expect to litter.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    It's sad and emblematic of our society as a whole. I pick up trash every day in the city right in my front yard. Why people can't throw away basic cups or bags is unbelievable to me. We permit way too much and don't penalize offenders. That and people just don't give a darn. It's sad. Let's get away from the city and go someplace beautiful and leave all our junk behind. Brilliant. When I smoked I put the butts in the pocket of my wading vest. I'm sure I've lost a granola bar wrapper along the trail some how. But I would never think about purposefully dropping litter. I just don't get it.

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    an excerpt from the book: "There was a time when my friends and I tried to clean things up a little, but it became obvious that to make any kind of dent we'd need a second drift boat to serve as a garbage scow." No Shortage Of Good Days by John Gierach
    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt
    "Live with your eyes open, you might notice something and you will have the opportunity to share it with the world." Argail

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