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  1. Default going to the mountains

    I am going to the mountains the first week of august i know its been really hot so i'm wondering is there any action in and around the gsmnp. If there is where and what is working the best i guess ants, beetles, and hoppers? Also is the higher i go the better even when its hot out . Maybe its not as hot up there as it is down here by the coast. How bout the tuck i fished that in june and had a blast do you think its still going on there or should i give up on that idea.thank you

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    I haven't been to GSMNP yet, but its on my list and I have done alot of research on the fishing there. If its anything like Shenandoah, which I am assuming it is, the mountain brookies will eat just about anything, as long as you don't spook them and the fly is presented properly.
    These guys are very knowledgeable on fishing in and around the park. I would give them a call or at least check out their website for reports.

    R and R Fly Fishing | Fly Fishing the streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the tailwater rivers of East Tennessee and western North Carolina

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