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Thread: GSNP, Trip

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    Went back to Deep Cr. this weekend for Ann's birthday trip this is the only place in the park she had not been to so we took her to camp for the weekend.She needed to get away and starting a new job on monday this helped ease her nerves.We did get showers but ,had camp aet up before the showers started. We caught several fish on Saturday. I noticed inchworms,and some small hoppers along the banks but no fish taking them,we caught our fish on an Elk Hare Caddis.Here are some shots on the creek up where we were.

    Here are the only two fish pics of the trip,my cousin hooked into this nice brown and i was trying to help he land it with no net when Ann snapped this one.
    Turned out to be 14".
    Then her camera said full memory and we had no other card.So it being her birthday weekend my dad baked her a strawberry cake on the fire.It was a real goodtime with family and friends.

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    Nice brown and looks like a fun trip. How far up were you?
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    Thanks it was a good trip we were up about 8 miles from the trailhead.

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