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  1. Default Stone Mountain State Park, NC

    Anyone fished Stone Mountain SP North Carolina in mid September? We're planning a family camping trip around that time and I thought I would fly fish a little. Am I wasting my time is September? Any tips on where to fish what to throw?

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    Picking could be mighty slim at that time. They won't stock at all in September but if you can hold out until October there'll be a ton of fish in there. I'm not saying there are no fish in the area in September but couple the lack of stockers with a hot summer and it could be challenging for sure.
    It's a beautiful park in any repect. Look for blue lines on your Delorme that are up in altitude and you should get into some brookies if nothing else. You may have to head a county or two west to get into the more numerous blue lines but there are scads of them that don't see much pressure if you get away from the roads.

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    I may try and get into a wild trout stream but I'll have my wife and 1yr old son so I wont be doing to much bushwacking. Its good to know there might be a few fish still around. If we like the park we may just go back in October, who knows but this trip is already set. Thanks for the reply

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