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    Default Jupiter Fla Report

    Offshore fishing has been awesome. Still alot of Albie's around in mixed size's. Also mixed in are small Black Fin Tuna. These fish have been caught in 140 - 150 feet of water. 550 - 600 feet has been producing some nice gaffer Dolphin.

    Dock light/Bridge fishing swinging fly's has been producing steady Snook action.

    Any help posting pix.

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    Default Re: Jupiter Fla Report

    Do you have a photobucket? It's the easiest way to post photos in my opinion. I have a mac and can upload to photobucket directly from iPhoto. However, it is just as simple on PC. From photobucket, you just copy the bracketed IMG code link and paste it into the thread.

    Are you chumming/plugging to bring in the offshore fish? I haven't fished offshore with the flyrod yet, the farthest out I've been is an artificial reef a half-mile out on the Gulf Coast in my home town of Sarasota. However, you guys have the advantage of a nice drop-off and reef-line on your side, unlike our slow descent... We end up fishing for Albies in 30ft of water instead of 5 times that, but it's still fun to test the deeps with the Leviathan line (something I have to credit Evan with for introducing me to).

    You've got some absolutely piggish snook on your site, some awesome photos. The albie that got chomped is a familiar sight, and stripping in that Jack after it broke the rod had to be fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures on here.
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Jupiter Fla Report

    For number's yes chumming. We've spent some time this year fishing full sinking line's & doing real well w/Albie's. Offshore here is only 5 mile's. The Jack, rod broke when fish was along side of boat. There's still big Snook around.

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