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Thread: October start

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    Default October start

    I got too fish saturday the 5th and i know why i love October now aside from the deer season coming up the fishing is picking up to no reason to be inside now to much to do .I almost talked my 13 yr.old daughter in to going but she backed out and with Ann working and my son Eli on his first bow hunting trip alone to our property in Ga. i found myself going to the big water alone and it was quite and cool with the leaves turning i walked down the road.

    Hopeing i would hit the right hatch with an Elk Hare Caddis in size 16 and a Red Pheasant Tail dropper in size 18, the river was calm after a 10 hour power run the night before .
    The first i saw was a rise up above me so i slowly made my upriver and made my cast and the fish took the fly.

    It was one of those mornings when it was fish after fish and a few Caddis flies were coming off i caught lots of fish on the dropper and the fly only changde the fly when it had nothing left on it and put the same back on and the fish started right back on it.

    As you can see i landed some in the net and some with hand most of the fish i c took picks of are between 12 and 16". i did catch a nice fish and a small fish on the dropper for a double.
    .On the last pool and my favorite one that i had caught 6 fish out of this year ,a 12",2 -13" 2- 14" and a 15" out of all rainbows had my hopes i but as i fished i saw nothing then the last cast of the morning and it was off to work on thecamper and i get a take anfd it was this 16" rainbow.
    This is a reason to love October.

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    Default Re: October start

    Shannon: Great report and congrats on the awesome looking fish!


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    Default Re: October start

    sounds like a great day wish i was with you . what stream were you fishing ?

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    Default Re: October start

    nice report and nice fish.

    It is the time of the year when I start thinking about putting the float tube and boats away and hitting the river, and it is posts like this that help to get my blood going!


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    Default Re: October start

    Nice report Shannon. I have never fished the large water near GSMP...I will send you a PM and perhaps we can fish together when I am down there in the near future.

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