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Thread: TroutFest '13

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    Default TroutFest '13

    I haven't seen an official "say-so" on the Fest but it appears that it has been cancelled for '13....... seem as though the folks that have been volunteering their work every year are worn out and need a break.... I hate to see it but I understand their feelings.... This is, in my opinion one of the BEST events of this type anywhere in the southeast.... I volunteered there last year and was ready to do it again ........but !
    As I have heard it.... will just be a one year break and will be back on track for '14..
    Thanks to all of the folks that have given so much in the past it is a wondeful show......

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    Default Re: TroutFest '13

    Sad to hear about something like that, but understandable that the volunteers get wore out.

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