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    hey guys i have been trying to tie flies now for about a year and God knows i am not very good at it. i have bought books, watched videos and taken suggestions. i feel that if i have someone who knows what they are doing to help me than maybe i can become much better than what I am . There are no fly tying classes around my area for me to learn from someone and no one i know that trout fishes lives around me either. so my question is is there anyone that lives around the Jacksonville N.C. area (shoot i'll drive an hour or so ) that can help me tie or we can tie together so i can learn the right ways to do it. Some times it feels that no matter how many times i read or watch or try it just doesn't look right or just can't seem to grasp it . If there is anyone hit me back and see if we can fighure out somewhere to meet .I have pretty mush everything i need to tie what i want to just not the experience . if so THANK YOU

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    you could have gone to this at the weekend if you'd posted last week about help.
    but if the hilltop fly tyers club is near you, i'd suggest you join, or check your local Trout Unlimited chapter for fly tying info and classes. Alternatively, go to you local fly shop and ask for help. i bet they'll show you some thing if you want.

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    If you don't get anyone that might be local to respon, you might checkout this site to see if there isn't a fishing club near that will help.
    Clubs & Organizations - North Carolina | Fishing Works

    Also post a request on the southeast fly fishing forum to see if there isn't a local that would help.


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    Flysean i all the way on the other end of the state .I know how you feel when i started i just tied with no one showing me how but when i went fishing with my flies they showed me what was wrong i nipped here and there and looked at pictures of flies and just kept tying and trying them on fish.

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    Also......try calling Capt. Joe Shute in Atlantic Beach......nice folks....maybe they can point you in the right direction, as to clubs, meetings, etc....there is a fly fishing club around Morehead City.....I met the president of the club a few years ago up around Fort Macon?.......he was casting streamers for blues......nice guy.....he hooked me up with some great advice and a few free hand tied streamers!!!! I fish Emerald Isle at least twice a year and always make the trip up island to Joe Shutes.......!!!! These guys may lean more toward the coastal fisheries instead of the mountains, but still, they should be able to help.....and besides, blues on a 4 weight is great sport!!!!

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