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  1. Default anyone fishing in upstate sc?

    just wandering if there is anyone fishing in my area.

  2. Default Re: anyone fishing in upstate sc?

    Haven't yet - but went camping on the Chattooga in NW SC a couple of weeks ago and saw a lot of fishermen out. I may be up there over MLK to do some fishing (if I can find some cheap waders in my size [tall, thin, big feet] before then).

    I have been fishing NE GA and NW SC, but am just starting out.


  3. Default Re: anyone fishing in upstate sc?

    I went fishing up that way today. I brought home four nice browns, one 2 1/2 pounds. They went straight to the grill.

  4. Default Re: anyone fishing in upstate sc?

    From the Chattooga or from elsewhere? I don't know the streams up there that well, but it is one of the closest places for me to go fishing, so any stream information would be appreciated.

  5. Default Re: anyone fishing in upstate sc?

    I fished the river first without much luck, then went over to the state park and fished the lake. Talk about room to cast, I rented one of there johnboats. It was foggy and misting rain so there wasn't another person out there. There lake has got trout, bass, bream, and catfish. They only allow there boats on the lake but it was only $7 or $8 for the day and no waders needed.

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