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Thread: what rod to get

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    I am fishing the moutain streams some small and some not real small in and around the GSMNP and want to know whatsize rod is the best size to use in those waters. i have been fishing them with a 5 wt and i see other people fishingwith a 3 wt . is it a good idea to go down on the size or stay wher i am . i usually don't use to many streamers if any its mostly nymphs and dries in the 14 to18 size.

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    I fish those same waters and my more local waters around Boone with those same fly sizes. I have rods ranging from a 2 weight in medium action, 3 weights in medium and fast, and a couple of medium fast 4 weights. I find myself using the 3 weights 90% of the time. Length is a matter of personal preference. If you like an 8' 6" rod, check out cabelas for a redington ct. On sale for 75 bucks plus shipping. This is a more medium action rod with a lifetime warranty with rod tube. Good luck in your search.

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    I love my light rods, but I'm guessing your 5wt can do what you need. However, if you want to get a new rod, well nothing wrong with that There is something fun about fishing for small fish on light tackle.

    Earlier today Diver_Dan started a thread about the deals Albright Fly Fishing is running, granted they always run deals, but the price of their GPX fly rod is hard to beat at $80. They have a 7'6" 3/4 wt. I have two of their Topwater rods (a step down from the GPX and they don't carry them anymore). They are my back-up / loaner rods, but I enjoy fishing them.
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