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Thread: To much water

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    Default To much water

    We have been hit hard all week with rain in the Smokies some place have gotten over a foot of rain this week everything is blown out and weather forcast is for it to turn to a foot of snow in mtns tonight.Here are some pictures of this mess before it starts to snow.Asmall stream that comes through my property that you can cross without getting wet on a normal day.

    The creek at my house that i fish on a regular bases.

    For those who fish Cherokee here's the river.

    This is in Murphy,NC i think they lost this bridge.

    And don't plan to drive from Cherokee to Gatlinburg across 441 to fish or anything else 200 ft of road gone a 1000ft down.

    With a foot of snow this will only get worse.

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    Default Re: To much water

    Shannon: Wow, that looks bad! Send that moisture back this way, last I heard Wyoming was at 84% snow pack, so we definitely need more moisture, just not all at once like you are getting.

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    Ouch! What kind of impact do you think this will have on the little brookie waters come spring?
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    I haven't drove over the French broad but we are in a flood warning here around at least two weeks probably before putting a line in the water.

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    Wow I was just there 4 thanksgiving. Shame but nature does usually find ways to work it out.

    The French broad did look like good smallie water around asheville?
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    My office is in Asheville and it is big water there when I left work .I don't know what kind of impact it will have on the speckle trout I hope they will be fine when this runs down I plan on finding out

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    Having seen the devistation that prior floods have caused and the subsuquent loss of fish I'd say this could be a difficult siustion for the wild fish population to survive...... 2003 & 2004 floods on the Piegon headwaters ...... 2003 flood on the headwaters of Hazel Creek.... 2011 flood of Straight Fork ....... we could be in for some slow fishing come spring..... I fish "Luftee", Bradley, Straight Fork, Noland and Deep creek heavily during the warmer weather...... We'll have to wait and see..........

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    Water everywhere we have had over 8 inches of rain and 4 or more inches of snow here in Knoxville sence Sunday. Last weekend 70's temp this morning 27 with 4 inches of wet snow. No fishing anywhere for a while.

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    Well we dodged the snow only got about 1 inch but temps are going to get cold next week in the teens.

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