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Thread: St petersburg/clearwater/tampa area

  1. Default St petersburg/clearwater/tampa area

    hey guys

    Uk brah checking in here. I'm spending about a week in the St Petersburg/Clearwater area this july, never been fishing in the U.S before so should be interesting. I'm hoping to get 1 day guided/charter fly fishing for tarpoon/permit/anything that moves. Can anyone recommend a good guide that i can use in this area? Also if I were to spend another day or two or three or four or rest of the week beach fishing could anyone recommend any areas/tactics to use, complete novice when it comes to sea fishing so all advice appreciated. Also what kind of rod should i bring, I've got a 9ft #5 and 9,6ft #7 I'm guessing these are too light? Any flies I should tie up/bring? What kind of fish should I go after?

    Fly fishing is preferable as I get a bit restless when doing other kinds of fishing.

    thanks for any advice


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    You will have a blast fishing in that area. There are many, many different options and I'll give you some based on my limited experience in the St. Pete Beach area.

    Since I only took up fly fishing last year, all my fishing in St. Pete Beach was with spinning gear. One of my favorite places to fish is Fort DeSoto Park where I've rented kayaks (United Park Services at Fort De Soto Beach - kayak rentals, beach bike rentals, beach surrey rentals, canoe rentals, beach weddings, sunset weddings, wedding locations, receptions, banquet room, umbrella rentals, beach rentals, chair rentals) and fished the grass flats in Mullet Key Bayou (United Park Services at Fort De Soto Beach - kayak rentals, beach bike rentals, beach surrey rentals, canoe rentals, beach weddings, sunset weddings, wedding locations, receptions, banquet room, umbrella rentals, beach rentals, chair rentals). This bayou is very popular with fly fisherman. During my last trip, I caught a beautiful 25 inch sea trout and later, temporarily had something that pulled my kayak into the mangroves before breaking the line. Lots of fun!

    The kayaks are well used, but functional. They don't take reservations, so get there early. They have a couple of kayaks with rod holders, but they only are suitable for spinning or casting rods. Recommend you kayak through the inlet (highlighted in red on the map) and then dismount on the flats to fish. Many areas are only waist deep or less, but careful there are some deeper holes.

    Not having done any saltwater fly fishing yet, you'll have to rely on advice from others on tackle and flies. #5 and #7 weight gear is definitely too light if you latch onto something other than a sea trout or ladyfish.

    Might be a good idea to fish with a guide first, as they will provide valuable guidance that you can later use when fishing on your own. Haven't used them personally (yet) but have heard good things about Big Bear Fishing and Kayak Tours
    Tampa Bay Kayak Fishing Charters
    •Barry Grady (727) 742-3202
    •Offers only kayak trips, which can be fishing trips or eco tours. Their half day fishing rate is $225/half day for two. One interesting option is their four hour sundowner trip. Another is a kayak fishing trip in the Everglades.
    •This company is located in St. Pete Beach

    Good luck!

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    If your going in July there are great opportunities for Snook and Tarpon in the Bay and any surrounding estuaries. Awesome place to fish. 8 or 9wt. and you'll have a blast fishing for Redfish, Trout, Snook, Tarpon, Ladyfish, Jacks, Snapper, and there are loads of small grouper along the mangroves and bridges. Go to a local fishing shop and find an area near where you are staying that is good for wading. Just get some wading booties. Find Grass flats near mangroves and your in the fish. Youll have no problem finding fishy water that time of year. It is very hot though so be prepared. Nasty Hot. Humidity is 90%. 85 at night and feels like your in an oven. Did I mention it's hot. Good luck and have fun.

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    Oh yeah..Clousers, Schminnows (White or Chartreuse) Redfish Toads, Shrimp Gurglers, Shrimp patterns, Any kind of baitfish pattern in white or purple.

    Just some Flies you might want to try when you go to Tampa/Clearwater.

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    Capt John Hand is a good fly guy. The bridges and jetties around St Pete beach area are very productive and pretty accessible . Don't forget to get your Saltwater Licence there is guy who checks the jetty fishermen constantly . Nice area to fish!
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    Thanks for the help guys, I'll check the kayaks out Dakota kid. I'll have a go at tying some of those flies gshank, I'm use to tying small trout flies so will make a change.

    So if I get a cheap 8 or 9 weight rod and a few lines this will do me?

    Will e-mail John, boz thanks for the recommendation.

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