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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first post on the sight and its because I'm in desperate need of knowledge. I am just starting with fly fishing. I am an avid saltwater fisherman and do most of my fishing on the beautiful beaches of Topsail Island. I would like to add fly fishing from the surf to my repertoire. I will take any advice anyone can give on anything, especially if there's a good teacher in my area. Finally, I'm looking at buying the orvis Clearwater II combo in 8wt so any info on the rod and reel would be fantastic. Tight Lines everyone!!

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    I don't get to do much saltwater fishing, but I can tell you that about 10 years ago I broke my shoulder and during the recovery, I found myself unable to cast a surf rod with a week at the shore coming up. I could however still cast my 8wt, so I tied up some salt water flies and gave it a go. I have never, literally never, rigged up my surf rod again. It's just not as much fun. I fish NJ and Delaware mostly, for blues, stripers, and flounder. All three are a blast on the long rod. Prepare to become addicted.

    I almost forgot...welcome to the forum. It's a good bunch of people with a lot of helpful knowledge.

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    Thank you for welcoming me and your story makes me even more anxious. Quick question for you, was the 8wt rod enough for you? I'm looking at the orvis Clearwater II 9ft 8 wt rod and reel combo. Will that be good for me? Any info will help

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    So far the 8wt has done the job and has brought in stripers up to nearly 30". If I was outfitting again, I'd consider a 9wt or 10wt. A nice thing about the 8wt is I can cast it for a long time before it wears on the arm. I've never checked out the Orvis Clearwater (I build my own rods, lower budget stuff) or the reel with the combo. Hopefully someone else can advise on that. I use an Okuma Integrity which isn't really made for the salt, but I give it a thorough rinse and washing immediately after each outing. One thing I did was size up on the reel. I use a 9-10 for the salt so that I can load an adequate length of backing. It's been needed more than once.

    Look into a stripping is essential. You can spend as much or as little as you want on that. Nice ones cost upwards of $80. I use one fashioned from a $2 plastic dishpan, some weed wacker line, and a $1 nylon belt. Looks, ugly, does the job.

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    Welcome to the forum. We have a bunch of people that fish down there so I sure there will be help on the way.

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    should be ok just wash in freshwater after every outing. clousers, poppers, and deceivers on 1 - 2/0 hooks should cover beginning flys. check out some of the fly shops on the outer banks for more fly options.
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    Thank you everyone! I appreciate all the help. The reason I am getting into fly fishing is because I love saltwater fishing but I am an active duty Marine and I have orders to Utah and will be 30-45 minutes from the green and Provo rivers. Since I can't saltwater fish out there I decided to take up fly fishing as a new hobby so I can take advantage of the great trout fishing out there and also figured I would mix the fly with saltwater while I still have a chance so I am willing to listen to any fly fishing tips you have!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
    should be ok just wash in freshwater after every outing.
    Recommend you rinse with warm water, because salt is far more soluble in warm than cold or cool water. I've learned the hard way that warm water works better.

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    I am new to fly fishing and the forum as well.

    One thing that I have learned so far is that the bigger the rod or heavier it is, the less fun they are to throw.

    8wt will be good for most surf fishing. I own a fast action as well as a med-fast action 8wt (TFO). I would recommend going with a faster action rod due to the wind. You will be throwing straight into the wind on ever cast and the more power your rod can generate the better. Look at the Redington Pursuit combos.

    Have fun with your new hobby!

    And thank you for serving ALL OF US!

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    Thank you for that great advice and thank you for your support

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